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What clients have to say about Carol's Calligraphy

"Carol does such beautiful work! It was easy to work with her on my project!"

C. C.

"Carol did a beautiful resolution for my organization with lettering, illuminated letters, and artwork.  Having known her through my calligraphy guild for over 25 years, I knew she was the one I wanted for the job, because of her expertise and her congenial personality."

Carolyn Raney

"Carol was exceptionally open to my “vision” for the calligraphy piece that she created for me. This design included a watermark behind the words and highlighting important words with just a hint of a variety colors. I also expressed a desire for a light, airy, graceful style of calligraphy. The finished product beautifully incorporated all of my ideas and more. It is a piece that I will treasure for the rest of my life."

Barbara S.

"Carol is one of my best teachers."


"I'll definitely use her services again, and keep referring others to her for business and lessons!"


"Carol's classes are always so clearly presented and this one was no exception. It was fun and eye-opening. I love having the recording to review the class later. The follow-up emails for the next class are so useful."


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